Our vision defines the purpose of our business.

All our customers view us as their best supplier


Our mission is what drives our day to day work.

Together with our suppliers we contribute to a better world by integrating safety, sustainability and efficiency in the overall supply chain by taking responsibility to achieve a positive contribution to society and the environment.


Our values articulate how we collaborate internally as well as externally. As our environment changes, our strategy may change, but our values stay consistent to help us meet the challenges we face as a company.

People: buy social

People "buy social"

Acting responsibly towards partners in the value chain and external stakeholders.

Planet: buy green

Planet "buy green"

Acting responsibly towards society and environment.

  • Strive to use environmental friendly alternatives where possible
  • Collaborate with suppliers to minimize impact on environment

Prosperity: buy value

Prosperity "buy value"

Acting responsibly in terms of free and fair competition

  • Evaluate every product and service based on its safety and sustainability aspects as important elements of the total value proposition

Guiding principles

Sustainable purchasing decisions

AnQore will strive to balance environmental and financial responsibilities in making sustainable purchasing decisions. We will continuously pursue the purchase of products that offer an improved sustainability footprint provided that the products meet applicable laws and regulations, acceptable use and performance standards within AnQore’s operations and within the external market environment. Materials and services are purchased to obtain security of supply at optimal costs. These costs not only relate to the costs of the material, but also to the total cost of ownership, including logistics, capital, quality and risk related elements relevant to procuring the material and all relevant SHE aspects.

If applicable, synergies will be pursued by collaborating with other parties, to leverage opportunities and to achieve the best overall result possible.

AnQore is part of the larger site-user community at the Chemelot Industrial Site. In 2016, the Chemelot 2025 vision was announced with an ambition to grow into the most safe, sustainable and competitive chemical and materials site in Europe. Chemelot has translated the different building blocks into specific projects to deliver upon its 2025 ambition. Many of these projects are also of strategic importance to realize our AnQore ambition. AnQore participates in such projects (e.g. Chemelot Circular Hub and Masterplan 2030) and where required purchasing related internal projects and actions will be initiated should these not be driven through our broader site project involvement already.