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Carbon neutral before 2050

For over 50 years AnQore has been an innovative supplier of high-quality raw materials. Our experienced team of professionals focusses on the sustainable, safe, and secure supply of acrylonitrile, Econitrile, acetonitrile, ACH, sodium cyanide, hydrogen cyanide, ammonium sulfate and 1.4 diaminobutane.

AnQore is dedicated to reduce its impact on the environment and to become carbon neutral before 2050. Therefore AnQore provides long term opportunities for its people and remains a long-term and reliable partner for all those that work with us.


AnQore has the ambition to become carbon neutral well before 2050. We are dedicated to help our customers to lower their footprint as well. We have made pioneering steps in 2019 with the introduction of the world’s first mass produced sustainable acrylonitrile, Econitrile. But that was only the start of our sustainability journey. We want to lead the sustainability journey of the acrylonitrile industry and invite innovators to join forces with us.

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Safer chemicals transport with sensor technology

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Many customers depend on a smooth and predictable supply of their feedstocks. AnQore has an excellent track record in ensuring security of supply. With our well maintained and reliable plant AnQore has a very high on-stream time. Coupled with our unparalleled logistics service we ensure that we deliver what we promise. AnQore doesn’t just supply, we deliver.

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Unloading with dry-break couplings only

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Safety is of paramount importance in our operations and in our industry. We do not accept incidents and we will go at length to prevent them. Everyone involved in working with our products should always return home safely. This is why we push industry safety levels up, audit all our partners and customers regularly and continuously educate people.

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Chemical transport by rail: new standards for safety and efficiency

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Our products

Highlighted product

Acetonitrile, critical solvent and building block in pharmaceutical production

AnQore is the only European producer of pharma grade acetonitrile. Our high-quality acetonitrile is used to make vitamins, API’s and to completely clean the reactors for pharmaceutical production to ensure safe, uncontaminated production of life saving drugs.

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Smart chemicals in 7 products

AnQore is a specialist chemical supplier dedicated to the reliable, secure and continious supply of:

Our people and culture

Dedicated to teamwork

Our commitments to safety, security and sustainability can only be achieved by the dedicated actions of all our people. At AnQore we know that our people make the difference in being truly successful.

Driven by our core values respect, professionalism, reliability and drive we strongly believe in the principle that people create a difference.

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Our latest news and press releases

News article

Nobian and AnQore sign long-term agreement for supply of low carbon caustic soda

06 Jun 2024

Nobian (Amersfoort, The Netherlands) and AnQore (Geleen, The Netherlands) have entered into a long-term agreement for the supply of ISCC PLUS certified caustic soda. Both companies are committed to drive sustainability throughout the value chain.

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News article

Management Announcement AnQore

14 Mar 2024

Sjoerd Zuidema takes over the Chief Executive Officer role from Pieter Boon. Pieter Boon becomes Executive Chairman.

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News article

AnQore awarded Platinum Ecovadis rating

27 Feb 2024

AnQore has earned the Platinum Recognition Level for CSR performance by Ecovadis.

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About us

AnQore, at the forefront of the development of a sustainable future

AnQore has been producing acrylonitrile and hydrogen cyanide since 1969 in Geleen. During half a century we have transitioned from a small part of DSM into a dedicated, safe and secure supplier of multiple products.

Today we are at the beginning of another transition: the journey to become fully carbon neutral by 2050. AnQore is committed to improve its carbon footprint to net zero before 2050. We even have projects in place to deliver substantial sustainability improvements before 2030. That is what we believe smart chemicals is all about.

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News article

18 Jan 2023

AnQore rewarded EcoVadis Gold for second year in a row

AnQore has been awarded the EcoVadis Gold rating for its sustainability performance. This achievement now places AnQore within the top 2% of all companies rated by EcoVadis globally.

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