When doing business with us:

  • All purchasing activities must comply with the AnQore Supplier Code of Conduct which addresses the ethical behavior of employees in the purchasing community in their interactions with suppliers and business partners. As such all purchasing activities shall comply with the international competition laws and good business practices. Breaches of this policy should be addressed towards AnQore line management or if necessary, through an independent member of the AnQore Management Team. All suppliers are expected to comply with AnQore's Supplier Code of Conduct.

    Click here to download the AnQore Supplier Code of Conduct
  • All visitors are required to read, understand and comply with all applicable safety and/or access instructions while on the AnQore/Chemelot site. They can be found here.

Invoice requirements

AnQore has a set of invoice requirements that must be followed by our suppliers to avoid delayed payments. If these requirements are not fulfilled, the invoice can be returned due to the missing details, and no payment will be made until a corrected invoice is received:

  • Purchase order and line item number(s)
  • Bill-to address
  • Applicable Supplier VAT number and AnQore VAT number
  • Applicable VAT Amount and rate
  • Total invoice amount
  • Invoice number/reference and invoice date
  • Shipment date and shipment number (for transport invoices)
  • Item description to clearly identify the service or materials as per PO
  • Please ensure that all invoice line items match and refer to the corresponding PO line item
  • We prefer to work with e-invoices as a standard practice to reduce paper waste and efficiently manage data
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