AnQore isolates and purifies Acetonitrile to high pharmaceutical standards using our proprietary technological route. We are able to support our customers by supplying to their own specifications using dedicated tank-containers. Our stock point is located in the South of Germany and is well connected to rail and road. This enables us to ship quickly and on short notice.

We have strict quality guidelines and offer additional support to our pharmaceutical customers for their quality systems. We are able to supply in both tank-containers and drums.

Acetonitrile demand globally was around 110kt in 2014. The world acetonitrile consumption has grown at an average annual rate of 5-6% over the last decade. Especially in the pharmaceutical and analytical industries, demand has experienced solid growth. The main uses are Process and Extraction Solvent in Pharmaceuticals, Laboratory (HPLC), Agricultural Chemicals, Butadiene extraction and in production of Intermediates.

The pharmaceutical industry is the largest end use for acetonitrile and uses it as a reagent, reaction solvent or extraction solvent. Acetonitrile is used as a starting material to synthesize vitamins A and B1, cortisone, carbonate drugs and some amino acids.

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