Hydrogen cyanide: acrylic sheet

Immediately converted

Hydrogen cyanide (HCN) is a product consisting of carbon and nitrogen. There are many molecules that are derived this substance. These are referred to as cyanides. Cyanides are formed chemically and naturally. They are found in everyday items such as beans, rice, almonds.

The hydrogen cyanide that AnQore produces can be regarded as a basic form of cyanide. In this form it is highly dangerous and, due to its properties, hydrogen cyanide cannot be transported off our site. It is therefore transformed nearly instantaneously into several downstream products. These include aceton cyanidohydrid, sodium cyanide and 1.4 diaminobutane.

Vitamin B5

The cyanide molecule plays an essential and unique role in all living organisms. Cyanide stands at the basis of amino acids that for example allow animals to grow and Vitamin B5 cannot be made without the cyanide group.

Because cyanides are also formed naturally, these molecules are broken down into harmless substances when they would enter the environment. Therefore cyanides are not considered dangerous to the environment in the long run.

Hydrogen cyanide: Vitamin B5
Hydrogen cyanide: Erlenmeyer flask

Our unique laboratory

In case you are interested in novel producing products from hydrogen cyanide then don’t hesitate to reach out to us. Our research department has access to a unique laboratory where we can work with you to explore the production routes and investigate if producing this HCN based product in a new plant on our site is possible. 

For more information on cyanides, please visit www.cyanides.org

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