Econitrile: Eco-friendly

An eco-friendly value chain

With consumers and governments demanding eco-friendlier and more sustainable product, the entire value chain needs to adjust its environmental footprint. Producers of ABS, supplying their plastics the component manufacturers, who make the bespoke parts for electric and combustion cars need to organize sustainable alternatives for their raw materials, including acrylonitrile.

This is the only way in which brands such as BMW, Toyota, Tesla, and Peugeot can produce vehicles that meet those requirements. We understand that AnQore stands at the very beginning of this chain. Therefore, our efforts go a long way and support a very broad spectrum of applications.

A sustainable future

Join us in transforming the acrylonitrile industry into a truly sustainable one. Econitrile has a carbon footprint that is at least 60% lower from the fossil, acrylonitrile version. This enables substantial CO2 savings in the value chain and contribute to a more sustainable future.

Econitrile is made from non-fossil feedstocks. It is the first mass-produced sustainable acrylonitrile in the world, based on ISCC plus certification and mass balance calculation. Econitrile easily enables those using it in their production to manufacture their products in a proven and far more sustainable way. Just like with green electricity at home, the product and its properties remain exactly the same, but the environmental footprint is much lower.

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Econitrile: end products
Econitrile: Mass Balance approach

Our Mass Balance approach

Mass balance accounting is a well-known approach that has been designed to trace the flow of recycled- and bio-based materials through complex value chains. We ensure the transparency and traceability of our bio- and recycled-based Econitrile through third-party approved sustainability certificates. We provide a sustainability declaration and inspection certificate with each delivery. In our case, we are audited by the International Sustainability & Carbon Certification System (ISCC-plus). We encourage our customers to also get certified in order to be able to tangibly pass on the benefits of Econitrile to their customers. You can find our current ISCC-plus certificate here.

If you would like to learn more about mass balancing, please find here the link to the Ellen MacArthur white paper on mass balancing.

The carbon footprint of our Econitrile

Econitrile offers a way to contribute to a better world, without changing existing and very efficient production methods. We have determined the carbon footprint of Econitrile in cooperation with CE Delft, a leading consultancy in carbon footprint calculations. The carbon footprint of Econitrile versions were compared with our regular acrylonitrile, and the industry average. The results can be downloaded via the link below.

Request a sample

Please feel free to reach out to AnQore to request a sample. Given the dangerous nature of our product, we will thoroughly assess if the product can be handled safely before sending a sample. And in the converstation, we would like to learn how we can help you in the best way possible!

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