Acrylonitrile: Safe transportation


We produce two grades of acrylonitrile in full accordance with SHEQ guidelines: S and R grade. The S grade being a purer version. These grades can be delivered safely and securely via rail tank cars, trucks, drums, iso-containers, barges and sea vessels. The global market for acrylonitrile in 2021 is about 6.500 kilotons. Demand up to 2030 is estimated to grow by about 4% each year.

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The largest applications for acrylonitrile are ABS, Acrylamide, Acrylic Fibre, Nitrile Rubber and Latex. The fastest growing application is Carbon Fiber. Smaller applications include Polyols, Alkyl amines, Resins, Barrier polymers, Silanes, Agrochemicals and Pharmaceutical intermediates.

Acrylonitrile is transformed into everyday useful items such as Lego (ABS), surgical gloves (NBR), the textile for garden furniture (Acrylic Fiber), and air planes (Carbon Fiber).

Acrylonitrile: Air plane wing
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