Security for the entire value chain

With a dedicated team of engineering professionals AnQore offers support for its customers when there is a need for designing unloading facilities, training people on handling of products and for up-to-date information on shipments.

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Sharing knowledge to reduce startup risks for new plant

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Case study

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We don't just supply, we deliver

AnQore has an excellent track record in ensuring security of supply. With our well maintained and reliable plants AnQore has a very high on-stream time. Coupled with our unparalleled logistics service we ensure that we deliver what we promise. AnQore doesn’t just supply, we deliver.

Through our setup with 2 identical plants, plenty of storage in Geleen and Rotterdam, many modes of transport and GPS tracking we can offer a near 100% certainty of supply.

Extremely reliable

In Geleen we have continued to invest in keeping our assets in great shape, even during market turbulence. Each 4 years we perform a major turnaround of about one month to inspect and maintain the entire acrylonitrile plant. In between these large stops the plant is cared for during smaller stops. Our customers do not notice these smaller events due to careful planning and well executed work.  The result of this are extremely reliable plants and continuous deliveries to our customers.

AnQore control room
AnQore rail tank car (RTC)

The latest and safest

For our off-site activities such as bulk storage we work with our partners to make sure we keep having the best, safest and environmentally friendly storage in Europe that is also easily accessible and has a few logistical interruptions as possible.

The transport of our products is performed using the latest and safest rail tank cars, iso-containers, tank trucks and drums. Due to the high percentage of rail transport, we have replaced over one hundred rail cars with brand new rail cars. And we will continue to ensure our entire fleet remains setting the industry standard.

Trusted partners only

Finally for our transport we work only with trusted partners that understand the relevance to always deliver. It can still be the case that events like flooding, strikes or rail-track works interfere. That is when our Customer Service and Logistics team come in. They work closely with the rail companies to redirect rail cars or switch to other backup modes of transport to help our customers continue to run as long as possible.

AnQore distribution partner
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