Safety requires constant focus

To have a lasting impact on the wider value chain we realize we cannot do everything alone. We have to work in partnerships to achieve more (SDG 17). AnQore has teamed up a with rail car manufacturer to set a new standard in rail safety. Furthermore AnQore also works with a telemetry expert company to keep track of all our transport equipment and provide us the tools to monitor speeding, track issues and delays.

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Case study

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Continuous safety improvement

We take our role as safe supplier very serious. Our product stewardship policies prescribe an active approach to the approval of new customer locations, management of change in all parts of our processes and choice of business partners.

Our engineers visit all our customers and suppliers on a regular basis to perform safety audits. In case of findings, we suggest improvements and agree on an improvement plan with the company involved. Should there be a situation that could result in very serious issues we will go as far as stopping deliveries or exiting from the business relationship. However, we prefer to improve safety wherever we see the opportunity to do so and not turn away from a challenging situation.

Innovation in safety systems

In recent years we have worked with our supplier of rail tank cars to design and produce the safest and best rail tank car in the industry. Besides having the best hardware to transport acrylonitrile and our other products we also have invested in software that enhances safety.

Together with our partner in telemetry Savvy we now have a system in place that offers real time insights in all our transport equipment.

  • We can see locations, speed, temperature and other key parameters. Having this data does not improve safety. But we use the information the system generates to monitor moments or areas of speeding, bumps in the track and movement of the railcars.
  • If we register specific incidents when a train driver exceeds the maximum speed limit we know this potentially can create an incident.
  • We use smart reporting to inform our logistics partners and ask them to ensure that their drivers understand the importance of avoiding train incidents.
  • Should we notice bumps in the track we inform the track owner of possible wear and tear in a specific location. These kinds of problems on the tracks could lead to derailment or damage railcar wheels and cause indirect incidents.
  • Finally in case specific rail cars show more movement than we expect there might be issues with the railcar that could lead to an incident. We will take that rail car out of the fleet for pro-active maintenance.

The actions that we take are all aimed at preventing incidents from happening, share best practices and keep improving the safety standards in our industry.

Participant in CEFIC

For many decades AnQore has been an active participant in the European Acrylonitrile and Cyanides Sector Groups from CEFIC, the European Chemical Industry council. Cefic founded in 1972, is the voice of large, medium and small chemical companies across Europe, which provide 1.1 million jobs and account for approximately about 15% of world chemicals production.

The main objective of the European Acrylonitrile and Cyanides Sector Groups is to improve industry safety levels and share safety learnings. The guidelines for safe distribution of acrylonitrile can be found here.

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