In order to take the next step in our mission to become the global supplier of choice and deliver our products in the most safe, efficient and reliable way, AnQore is proud to introduce the first batch of 25 brand new rail tank cars (RTCs) to its fleet.

These RTCs have been developed over the last 2 years in close cooperation with Wascosa. AnQore considers these railcars to be the safest acrylonitrile railcars built to date and they will replace some of the existing RTCs. 

Pieter Boon, CEO of AnQore said “I am very proud that after many months of design, development and building we are now finally able to introduce 25 brand new RTCs into our fleet. We were planning to start using these RTCs sooner, but due to the impact of COVID we had to wait a bit longer than planned. Starting today AnQore will start transporting acrylonitrile in RTCs that have been engineered and buildt to the highest safety standards to date. We made a conscious decision to go beyond the legal requirements to set this new standard in rail safety.  On top of the new design, we have equipped all our RTCs with sensor technology that allows us to continuously track our RTCs. We use this technology for example to check location, speed, speeding and g-forces. This way we stay on top of possible issues with our deliveries. Over the coming months we will add another 75 of these RTCs to our fleet.“

New standard in RTC safety

The new AnQore RTCs are all equipped with :

  • Headshields, to limit the impact of a collision and keep the product in the tank;
  • Override protection, to prevent RTCs to topple over one another in a collision;
  • Crash buffers, to reduce the energy of a collision;
  • Derailment detection, to allow for automatic breaking during a derailment and reduce the effects;
  • Low noise brakes, to reduce noise for all those who are near our RTCs when they need to break;
  • Hard plastic signs instead of stickers to ensure clear signage at all times.

Although AnQore’s existing RTCs are equipped with headshields, override protection and crash buffers, the new RTC itself is now redesigned in such a way that is even stronger than the RTCs which are currently in use.


Wascosa is an all-round, Swiss, family run freight wagon service provider. Wascosa has been building and leasing state of the art rail cars successfully since 1964. Wascosa has the most modern fleet of rail cars in Europe and keeps innovating with its customers to realize better, safer rail cars to help improve efficiency and reduce costs at the same time. For more information visit

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