AnQore offers much more than just the supply of high quality products. The AnQore team gladly shares insights and knowledge to collaborate with our customer base to align our processes and ensure that our products are received and handled safely and responsibly. This has established us in the market as a trusted partner.


A few years ago, one of AnQore’s relations, a world-leading producer of specialty materials, constructed a new and state-of-the-art plant to fulfill their increasing global demand. After aligning with other parties in the market, the producer concluded that AnQore was the perfect partner in setting up excellent operations. A long term cooperation followed based on high production security, safety standards, and transport reliability.

As a key supplier, AnQore become closely involved with the construction phase of the plant. Representatives from the DSCM and Manufacturing department conducted several on-site visits to assist in designing the unloading area and provide input for the safe handling of acrylonitrile in the production processes.


  • Ensure safe and secure unloading and storage of acrylonitrile
  • Create a bespoke logistic concept to ensure timely deliveries
  • Advise customer on plant startup process and prevent the risk of delays in startup.

Process and highlights

AnQore was involved at an early stage of the design and construction of the new plant. During the design phase, AnQore’s senior plant engineer and sales manager conducted a visit in which they provided advice on the plant blueprints. Several months into the building process, after structural work was concluded, AnQore representatives conducted several plant visits to provide advice on acrylonitrile storage as well as on the unloading process. One of the changes that the customers initiated was a widening of the roads to the unloading area. This in order to be able to safely handle traffic and provide for optimal truck positioning when loading and unloading.

Furthermore, a state-of-the-art loading area was realized, partially thanks to AnQore’s close involvement. A dry run with empty equipment concluded the development process. During the dry run no problems came to light. In continuation, the Supply Chain team visited the plant during the first few deliveries to ensure that all process steps were followed and in were in line with the high safety standards of AnQore.


The new unloading area is impressive. It is safe, robust and designed for future growth. The logistical concept meets all expectations and helps to ensure safe, secure deliveries.


How it is effected

Ensure safe and secure unloading and storage of acrylonitrile at the customer.

  • Highest possible safety standard thanks to used hardware and procedures. Installation of the correct dry-break couplings.

Create a hub for ensuring timely deliveries.

  • Deliveries AnQore to the customers are nearly 100% OTIF.

Advise on plant startup process after shutdowns

  • Several successful startup processes have been conducted and the original plant start date was met.

After a few years of intensely working together on the topics above, the customer meets our requirements for safe and secure unloading and material handling. A follow-up audit is planned for 2022.

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