AnQore teamwork

Our people create a difference

Our offices are located in Urmond, only a few kilometers away from our plant in Geleen. We serve a global market with our products with customers on five continents. That makes the environment in which we operate very international.

The company is not too big or small, we like to consider its size as just right. The right size to compete successfully in our industry, but also to have the type of culture found in many family owned businesses. Most of our staff know each other and we have only one plant location. This way we all experience the chemistry between each other and the organisation.

Our teams make us great

What makes working for AnQore great? Our teams. From the very first day new colleagues join they are regarded as contributing member of a team. They are being listened to and their contributions appreciated. Everyone works together towards the best results. This way every person can develop as individual and as team. Unique chemistry between personal growth and teamwork.

Our management ensures that everybody in the organization is updated regularly on market and production developments. We do this to allow each person to understand what they can do to make a difference in our performance. Driven by our core values respect, professionalism, reliability and drive we strongly believe in the principle that people create a difference.

AnQore: Committed to teamwork

Join the AnQore team

We know that it’s our employees who make AnQore a great place to work. If you are interested in joining us, please check out our current openings.

Our vacancies

For the time being we publish our job openings on a separate, Dutch website. We are working on making these available in English soon. Feel free to have a look at our current vacancies on: