Producer of acrylonitrile since 1969

AnQore began life as part of DSM in 1967, as part of a DSM's move to develop and produce raw materials for synthetic fibres. DSM focused on the production of caprolactam (for nylon) and acrylonitrile (for acrylic fibre).

The first production line started up in 1969 and was called ACN1. The second production line was called ACN2 and started up in 1971.

The capacity of the acrylonitrile production facility has grown from an annual 80 kilotons in 1969 to 280 kilotons today.

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Owned by CVC Capital Partners

In 2000, DSM launched a new strategy, Vision 2005, which defined a path moving away from bulk chemicals and polymers towards performance materials and specialty products for health and nutrition. The most significant aspect of this strategy was the sale in 2002 of Petrochemicals, with around 50% of activities in Geleen being sold to the Saudi Arabian company SABIC. Later divestments included elastomers, ammonia, melamine and fertilizer plants.

Then in 2015, AnQore became majority owned by CVC Capital Partners.

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