InnoSyn and AnQore spreken de intentie uit om een Joint Ventureop te richten met de naam Innoqore


Het management van AnQore en InnoSyn zijn verheugd mede te delen dat ze de intentie hebben om een nieuwe joint venture op te richten. Deze zal de naam Innoqore krijgen. Innoqore richt zich op het ontwikkelen en produceren van Specialty Molecules door gebruik te maken van het unieke productiepplatform en de grondstoffen van AnQore en de unieke technologie kennis van InnoSyn.

A growing number of producers of agrochemicals, nutritional products, pharmaceuticals, and other fine chemicals are facing constraints in sourcing Specialty Molecules which are essential for their end-products. Several companies have indicated that they are severely impacted by the so called Blue Sky initiatives of the Chinese government, with others citing unpredictable and increasing trade restrictions between regions. These producers are in need of a local supplier that can produce safely, reliably, innovatively and competitively. Innoqore is ideally equipped to fulfil this need.

Innoqore brings together the unique capabilities of both InnoSyn and AnQore. InnoSyn specializes in developing state-of-the-art processes for chemical products and has a unique cutting-edge technology toolbox to enable rapid scale up. AnQore is a specialized European chemical producer supplying amongst others acrylonitrile to high value end-markets and has access to essential input materials which will be core for Innoqore’s product focus. By joining forces AnQore and InnoSyn create a strong player in the fine chemicals industry with leading capabilities from the invention phase through to safe and secure supply.

Furthermore, both companies are ideally located on the Chemelot site. With InnoSyn on the Brightlands Chemelot Campus and AnQore on the Chemelot Industrial site. The Chemelot site is not only a high-quality chemical production location but also a logistics hotspot in Europe. 

Manufacturing at the Chemelot site means that high quality products will be produced reliably and sustainably, under optimum working conditions and in accordance with the strictest safety requirements. This assures our customers of competitive products that are not only delivered on time but are also produced in a socially responsible manner so they can be safely incorporated into their end products.

Innoqore has identified a number of Specialty Molecules, with TMOF (Trimethylorthoformate) and TEOF (Triethylorthoformate) selected as the initial product focus areas. Both products are widely used in the agrochemical, nutrition and pharmaceutical industries as well as other specialty markets. Innoqore is currently assessing the possibility to construct a dedicated production facility at AnQore’s premises on the Chemelot location, expected to be complete in 2021.

With its’ large production base at Chemelot, its’ team of highly experienced operators and its’ backwards integration with regards to the majority of the raw materials required, AnQore is uniquely positioned to produce TMOF and TEOF. At the same time, InnoSyn has the chemical know-how and expertise to develop state-of-the-art processes for these products and bring them to full production scale.

The collaboration between AnQore and InnoSyn will provide a combination of strengths and expertises that is unique in the world.

"This joint initiative will allow the production of these key molecules in a smart, reliable and competitive way" explain CEO’s Daniel Mink (InnoSyn) and Pieter Boon (AnQore). “We will make these products available on the basis of excellent product stewardship, which means that we will produce and transport them in a sustainable and responsible manner. Innoqore stands for innovation, sustainability, reliability and responsibility throughout our value chain from our technological process, through production up to on-time delivery to our future customers."