AnQore continues business activities of DSM Acrylonitrile


AnQore continues business activities of DSM Acrylonitrile and launches new website

SITTARD, 1 December 2015 – AnQore confirms that effective today the business previously known as DSM Acrylonitrile B.V. has been renamed AnQore B.V.

The name change was announced on 6 November 2015. It is a result of the establishment of ChemicaInvest, a joint venture of CVC Capital Partners and Royal DSM, as the new owner of AnQore as of 31 July 2015.

AnQore provides further information on its organization and its activities on its new website, which has been launched today.

The name AnQore refers to: the manufacturing of the product acrylonitrile (AN) as the foundation ("core") of its business, reliable day-to-day and long term supply of products to its customers ("encore"), the consistency of product quality ("Q") being the key value driver according to its customers, and being a trustworthy partner for its stakeholders ("anchor").

Mr. Pieter Boon, CEO, comments: "Building on 46 years of experience, AnQore remains dedicated to providing safe and secure supply of our products to our customers. Every day AnQore employees are geared to bring our customers: excellent performance in Safety, Health, Environment and Quality, reliable day-to-day and long term supply of products, and a unique logistical performance. This is what we call ‘Smart Chemicals’. We are excited to continue to serve our customers under our new name."

About AnQore
AnQore is headquartered in Sittard, The Netherlands. Since 1969 DSM Acrylonitrile has been manufacturing acrylonitrile and related products such as hydrogen cyanide, sodium cyanide and acetonitrile at the Chemelot Industrial Park in Sittard-Geleen (Netherlands). These products are essential building blocks for high-performance materials (for example carbon fiber for cars, planes and windmills), functional materials (for example polyacrylamide for enhanced oil recovery and waste water treatment), and ingredients for food and pharmaceuticals (for example vitamins). Over the past 46 years the company has invested continuously in capacity expansion, process improvements and maintenance. Its plant has an acrylonitrile nameplate capacity of 280 kt/y distributed across two production lines. In 2014, AnQore employed 150 people and had pro-forma sales of about 450 million EUR. As of 31 July 2015 AnQore is a subsidiary of ChemicaInvest, the joint venture between CVC Capital Partners and Royal DSM.

About ChemicaInvest
On 31 July 2015 CVC Capital Partners (CVC) and Royal DSM (DSM) announced that they had finalized their partnership for DSM’s activities in Polymer Intermediates (Caprolactam and Acrylonitrile) and Composite Resins. These activities have been brought under the ownership of ChemicaInvest, a joint venture between CVC and DSM. ChemicaInvest is 65% owned by CVC and 35% by DSM. ChemicaInvest is headquartered in Sittard, The Netherlands, and operates as an independent company with three business units: caprolactam, acrylonitrile and composite resins. In 2014, ChemicaInvest’s activities comprised 1,950 employees, pro-forma third party sales of 2.1 billion EUR and pro-forma EBITDA of 106 million EUR.

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